How To Prevent Winter Damages To Your Garage Door

Does your garage door usually perform poorly during the winter season? If the cold causes your door to jam or become non-responsive, then there may be some tips and tricks to take advantage of to ensure your garage door doesn't freeze over this upcoming winter. A few great solutions to preventing your door from freezing is to:

Install a Garage Heater:

Keeping the temperature in your garage space is critical, especially if you have a problem with your garage door freezing over. Installing a heater and having the temperature increased slightly can help prevent freezing, which won't only keep your door from freezing but it will also keep your engine warm, as well as your door opener. A heater can help prevent many garage damages during the winter season, which is why you should definitely consider investing in one.

Avoid Heating Your Car in Your Garage:

Though it may seem ideal to warm up your engine inside of your garage space, you can actually cause there to be more ice in your garage, which can potentially cause damages to your opener, your garage tracks, and the hardware in your garage system. This is because when you warm up the engine in your car, you can melt ice that's present in the garage. So, once you leave your garage, the melted ice can ice over your hardware, which can cause a thick layer of ice to sit on top of your door, opener, and your door's hardware.

Keep Your Garage Space Insulated:

Providing better insulation for your garage space is always a great solution, as it doesn't cost anything after the initial expenses and will help protect your garage space from dealing with freezing temperatures. An effective insulating solution is to use weather sealant on the bottom of your garage door. Placing the sealant on the bottom of your door, where your garage and floor meet, will eliminate that minor spacing from your door and the floor, which will help prevent cold air from creeping into your garage space. This will help keep your garage warmer, which can prevent freezing temperatures from causing damages to your door's hardware.

With these tips and solutions, you will find that your garage door will perform like normal this upcoming winter, which will allow you to access your garage space without any difficulties. Not only will this improve the performance of your door, but this will help prevent you from dealing with any complications or costly residential garage door repairs, which is always a bonus.

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