3 Ways You Know Your Transmission Is Failing

Dealing with car problems can be very stressful. The best way to avoid serious car problems is to know what to look for in your car so you can catch the problem early on. The transmission is one of the most important parts of the car, yet many people do not understand how it works and what they should be looking for to protect it. Here is some helpful information about what you should be looking for to know that your transmission is failing and may need repairing.

1. Delayed Gear Shifting

Since the transmission is primarily responsible for the gears and shifting you should be focusing on what the car is doing when you shift. Each time you shift into a new gear it should be immediate and easy. If you notice that there is any kind of delay, or even worse that you have to go back and forth to get it to set in the right gear, then you definitely have a problem with your transmission.

You should put your car in park and try going back and forth between reverse and drive quickly. See if the gears are responding fast. If so, you don't have a problem. If there is any lag or delay, you need to see a mechanic.

2. Grinding Noises When You Shift

Another thing you may notice is that there are grinding noises when you shift gears. Even if the gears are responding quickly, there still may be problems if you can feel or hear a grinding noise when you shift back and forth.

Essentially the shifting should be quiet. You may hear a little dropping in the transmission as it shifts, but there shouldn't be any pained noises. This is a sign that there is a problem.

3. Leaky Red Fluid From The Car

Another obvious sign that you have problems is that the car is leaking transmission fluid. It is important to know what colors all the fluids are. Motor oil is black, coolant is blue and transmission fluid is pink or red. If your transmission fluid is leaking you will notice that there is fluid when you are driving and when you are in park. As you see the fluid dropping make sure you are replacing it. Until the transmission is fixed you need to keep the fluid levels high.

By understanding what to look for in your transmission you can prevent problems with the car. For more information, contact a local service company such as S & A Transmission.

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