3 Signs That A Tractor Has A Bad Camshaft Position Sensor

Are you only able to drive your tractor at a low speed and have no idea what the problem is? It is possible that the camshaft position sensor in your tractor is in need of a replacement, as it can have an effect on in numerous ways when it is not in top shape. Basically, a bad camshaft position sensor can have an effect on emissions control and the fuel economy of your tractor. Take a look at this article to discover a few of the signs that can give you a clue if the camshaft position sensor is the root of the tractor speed problem.

1. The Engine Suddenly Stops Running

If you have notice that your tractor has been sporadically stopping, it is a sign of a camshaft position sensor problem. For instance, you might be driving the tractor before it suddenly it stops and leads to you having to start it up again. The sporadic stopping is a sign that the fuel is not making it to the engine in an efficient manner. The camshaft position sensor might be the root of the problem because it is responsible for the operation of the intake and exhaust valves in the tractor.

2. Problems with Shifting Gears

One of the noticeable signs of a camshaft position sensor problem is when the gears begin to malfunction. Although the transmission is the main part that is responsible for gear operation, the camshaft position sensor can also cause problems. For instance, when the camshaft position sensor is the problem, you might notice that you are only able to use a single gear. However, you can restart the tractor and the other gears will begin to function. If it the gear problem is directly related to the transmission, the gears would continue to malfunction no matter how much you restart the engine.

3. Constantly Needing to Hard Start the Engine

When the weather is cold, it is normal to have to hard start an engine before you are finally able to use the tractor. However, having to hard start the engine no matter what the weather conditions are and on a regular basis is a sign of a bad camshaft position sensor. The hard starting issue is the result of the insufficient distribution of fuel to the engine, happens when the camshaft position sensor fails and interferes with the operation of fuel injectors. Invest in a new camshaft position sensor, such as from Brangers Machine, for your tractor as soon as possible.

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