How Adding Disc Brakes Can Benefit Your Older Jeep Or Off-Road Truck

Many older Jeeps and trucks came with drum brakes installed on the front axles, and while they were the best solution at the time, there are some benefits to upgrading them. Using a front disc brake conversion kit to remove the drums and adding disc brakes can significantly impact brake performance.

Stopping Power

Front disc brakes are far more effective at stopping a moving vehicle than drum brakes, but if you have an older truck or Jeep, it may have come with drums from the factory. There are ways to change the brakes, but one of the most straightforward solutions is to get a front disc brake conversion kit made specifically for your Jeep or truck that will allow you to change a few things and bolt on a set of front disc brakes easily. 

The brake upgrade will change how your older truck or Jeep handles and make braking easier in almost any situation. On the street, you will be able to stop quicker, and if you have oversized tires on the truck, the extra stopping power can make a huge difference in an emergency stop. The additional brake power will also make a difference when you are offroad and need to use the brakes on hills or other situations. 

Brake Cleaning

On a Jeep or truck that spends a lot of time off-road, brakes that clean themselves and do not fill with mud and rocks are important. In deep water, mud, or fine silt, the material can get inside the drum of a drum brake system, and disc brakes do a better job of cleaning themself and staying clear of mud and dirt.

Installing a front disc brake conversion kit to your truck or Jeep could help keep you moving on muddy trails or where deep water crossings are regular. Often riding the brake a little after crossing the mud or water is enough to remove mud and other materials from the brake rotor and keep the system clean and working.

Reduced Maintenance

When you install a front disc brake conversion kit, you eliminate the internal parts of the drum brake system. Older drum brakes required opening the drums and cleaning the parts inside daily regularly. With disc brakes, there is much less to clean and maintain. 

You can clean the discs with some brake cleaner without taking them off the vehicle, and if they do need to come off, two bolts are all that are required to remove the caliper and brake pads, allowing the rotor to come off the Jeep or truck. While disc brake conversion is not suitable for every truck, if you need better brakes for oversized tires and wheels to increase stopping, the front disc brake conversion kits can make the process far easier than trying to source all the parts yourself. 

For more information on a front disc brake conversion kit, contact a specialist.

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